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February 22, 2025


The Miami Dolphins organization thanks you for supporting the #1 fundraising event in the NFL. The DCC began 13 years ago with one goal in mind: to unite the community against one of the most insidious diseases of our generation. Today, the DCC is a year-round movement focused on the challenge the cancer community faces every day, reminding us that you don’t have to have cancer to fight cancer.

As Team Captain, you are the leaders of the DCC. Embrace this role by impactfully bringing people together to benefit the health and wellness of our community.

Thank you for accepting this role and taking on the challenge of continuing the winning tradition of the DCC. #OneTeamOneFight



“Be authentic. Don't try to just sell the perks (swag, tax-deductible donations). While those are amazing and important, the passion and drive is what truly resonates with people and co-workers to take time out of their personal time to participate. When people see that you are excited and passionate, I believe that energy is contagious and people will follow.” - Dillon DiBartolomeo, Team Hurricanes WOW MKTG

“Get a core team; one-on-one is best to grow; connect with perspectives - has cancer touched them? Keep in touch! Encourage!” - Jeffrey Wade, Team Hurricanes - Team Sarcoma


“If you can get 1-5 new people to join - the day of the event is all it takes to get someone hooked!” - Julie Engroff, Team Genentech


“Don't doubt, just do it - you think people won't join the team, but once you talk about it, they will join (just like donating - the more you talk about it, the better the outcome)”. - Anthony Machado, Team Hurricanes On-Site Patient Access


“Mack Cycle loves the way the DCC welcomes both first-timers and experienced riders. If any team needs bikes, equipment, expertise or friendly cycling tips, swing by our store in South Miami and we’ll make sure your team is prepared and ready to have an amazing experience.” - Rachel Losada, Team Hurricanes - Mack Cycle


“Cycling has helped us get the community involved in powerful ways. We ride for a purpose and we love riding with the Miami Dolphins.” - Maurice Hanks, Team Break the Cycle



View the playbook

This playbook was put together to guide you through the process of being a team captain. Click here to view the entire playbook and build your winning team!